Design Works: PXI

blast from the past
Design Works: Paper Eleven
Excerpted from the book.

Still working on the next section of Penny/On the Subject of Witches — but enjoy this in the meantime.

17 Responses to “Design Works: PXI”

  1. ToastCrust Says:


  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Toast. : )

  3. couchfort Says:

    That was really cool to read through, I like all these insights into your creative process a lot. “Girls in swimsuits… swimming in pools of blood, and possibly dead bodies”. Not only made me laugh out loud, but is the sexiest thing I have ever heard of. Get on this, Dan! That should be your next comic series! “Bikini Murder Girls” or something. Some B-Horror concept series about half naked young ladies swimming in swimming pools filled with their victims dismembered bodies.

    Looking forward to MOAR PENNY though!

  4. Dzhon Says:

    Uguu~ ♥♥♥

  5. Reese Says:

    While you unequally terrify me, Dan’s Good Clone, I sort of hope you keep the old one in cold storage.
    I bugged him for this kind of stuff for YEARS without result.

  6. Jo-ou Says:

    Should we look forward to the reader’s guide being uploaded?

    Also, your linework was pretty excellent. Can’t say I prefer it over your usual style, though.

    >”an abdomination against nature” or something
    I can’t decide if this is a typo or not.

  7. admin Says:

    Check out these facedominals, brah.

    Nothing but face-squats and oatz.

    Let me think about the reader’s guide. I still think it was a mistake (or at least filled with mistakes), so if I do upload it I want to spend time writing a substantive commentary.

  8. jesusdan Says:

    thanks Dan, Hollywood called…they’re pissed ’cause you’re putting their storyboards to shame. keep doing that you magnificent bastard.

  9. jesusdan Says:

    oops. didn’t mean to post first after your muscleface pose. I just like your making of shit. flex on brother. face dominate us all.

  10. jesusdan Says:

    should have made a note there “making of shit” = behind the scenes stuff, really beautiful…sincere thanks.

    + more t-shirts, my t42 shirt is getting worn out.


  11. admin Says:

    Thanks, jesusdan. : )

    I should make a Snax dakimakura or something…

  12. Jo-ou Says:

    I was mostly joking about the reader guide, duder. Though I should re-read PXI one of these days…

    The dakimakura should totes feature Snax holding her The Hoff dakimakura.

  13. couchfort Says:

    Momoka Corner: The Game! Intense bullet hell action! Girls do their best now and are preparing! Please watch warmly until it is ready!

  14. maaya Says:

    I MOONYAAA at your UGUU <_<

  15. RGE Says:

    Did someone hack Dan’s computer and posted all this wonderful stuff here instead of sending it to WikiLeaks? It was the right choice, because I don’t check WikiLeaks.

  16. ma5h Says:

    Awesome work, very interesting, I really enjoyed reading through that section.

  17. iKo Says:

    A joy to read.