Vampire Bride 84

Vampire Bride: 84

Only one page today — preparing a larger batch tomorrow, though.

9 Responses to “Vampire Bride 84”

  1. Aristagon Says:


    Seriously, we need a Clone-Manga Wiki….. Or desect your brain dear Dan

  2. Cjopaze Says:

    This seems like a really interesting and detailed world, and while I expect a lot of it to be shown in the comic I doubt all the major factions, factors, metaphysics and general pieces of the world will be sufficiently explored, so I too would like a wiki.

  3. Cjopaze Says:

    Or maybe just some blog posts explaining things that won’t be gone over in the comic

  4. sp_ Says:

    You should man up and make an h-rpg already

  5. admin Says:

    Hm~ you know what? I’ll add some wiki-like pages in between chapters. How about that?

    You should man up and make an h-rpg already
    That sweet Huniepop money.

  6. Cjopaze Says:

    That would be awesome, I think one of the primary things that draws me into stories the the world behind them, and you’ve created a fascinating world here.

  7. admin Says:

    Thanks, man. Real kind of ya to say that.
    I’ll definitely put those wiki pages in!

  8. Aristagon Says:

    For a starter, some explanations of parts of the graveyard would be fun too. I still think you cut some of the coolest scenes yet….

  9. admin Says:

    Only the pages were cut, not the stories! I’ll get to those parts later, when it’s time. : >