Cupcake Universe 005

Cupcake Universe: 5

Eyebrow moe continues. Lots of updates in the galleries, too.

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10 Responses to “Cupcake Universe 005”

  1. couchfort Says:

    I don’t know about any of this Cupcake business, Dan. But I do find the face in Panel 2 adorable.

    Also, I’m playing Touhou games again. This is directly your fault. I haven’t played since Mountain of Faith was just a demo. I’ll probably email you with a bullet hell rant eventually, seeing as you are literally the only person I talk to that plays danmaku games.

  2. admin Says:

    Man, you have some great games ahead of you.
    MoF was great, Subterranean Animism was goddamn amazing, UFO was great. Honestly enjoyed ’em much as the EoSD-PCB-IN trio.
    Don’t forget to try the side games: Double Spoiler and Fairy Wars.

    Sunny Milk a cutest.

  3. GrimDark Says:

    Dan, this “Warp Festival” – is this “warp” like “warp speed” or “warp – dimention/thing we had to go through”?

  4. Cjopaze Says:

    It probably “warp” as in “oh god emperror, the geller field is failing, I can feeling the warp overtaking my, my teeth are screaming, my eyes are melting, and there’s jam coming out of the walls. I see the bound watcher upon his green throne, ia ia perogra fhtagn.” But that’s just my guess

  5. couchfort Says:

    Dan. Where in the fuck is the hit box? And is it me or does it seem to go past the character on the sides a little? Grazing is a bitch!

    In before jokes about the girls’ “hit boxes”

  6. couchfort Says:

    Or maybe Danmaku Unlimited spoiled me with a visible, glowing hitbox, and more lenient rule system for graving. Maybe in the 7 years I stopped playing Touhou games, I forgot how unfuckingforgiving they are.

    I will not be deterred!

  7. couchfort Says:


  8. admin Says:

    Hold shift for focused movement. You’ll see your hitbox.

  9. aristagon Says:

    I start to like the graveyard content more than teh actual things happening …..?

  10. sp_ Says:

    am I the only one who likes Mystic Square more than all the new ones