Vampire Bride 106

Vampire Bride: 106

Himehorn punishment. ;~;

5 Responses to “Vampire Bride 106”

  1. GrimDark Says:

    Day without gratuitous violence on little cripple girls in Clone-army is a day wasted!

  2. Not One Of Us Says:


  3. cwDeici Says:

    Ah, this is much better than that other commenting thing I didn’t understand.

    – She had it coming.
    But then again, she’s a demoness, not a vampire, so maybe it’s not ok… ;_:

  4. cwDeici Says:

    Oh man Grimdark, that reminds me of the Winter Witches Tea Party, when this guy wanted a porno of Tomoya or other other girl, and the other guy was like ‘no, if I’m involved in this I may end up in jail’, so instead we got Dan with finger puppets and guro. 😀

  5. cwDeici Says:

    … actually that’s kind of sad, I would’ve preferred the former… but still funny!