Vampire Bride 109-110

Vampire Bride: 109-110

5 Responses to “Vampire Bride 109-110”

  1. sp_ Says:

    dan wahts cooking

  2. admin Says:

    Hard at work on the next pages — I was sick with the flu for a while. : <

  3. cwDeici Says:

    IS she starving?

  4. GrimDark Says:

    If you are still sick, do as I do.
    First, a tad (tiny bit really) of cinnamon. Two or three cloves, finish with evem smaller amount of ginger. Add to glass of wine. Heat it up to almost boiling point. Leave for a minute. Drink. Repeat.

    Will it help? Well, not really, but around 4th one you stop caring.

  5. admin Says:

    I think I’m better now — just gotta stay away from tomatoes from now on. Gotta stay from wine too, unfortunately.