Vampire Bride 113

Vampire Bride: 113

4 Responses to “Vampire Bride 113”

  1. Cjopaze Says:

    Hide the women and children! Wait, we are the women and the children!

  2. admin Says:

    It’s tough being a himehorn. : <

  3. Cjopaze Says:

    It’s the hard-knock life for himehorns!
    It’s the hard-knock life for himehorns!
    ‘Stead of kisses,
    We get hit!
    ‘Stead of treats,
    We get our necks crushed by homicidal maniacs!

  4. RGE Says:

    I like the grabbing of horns in the fifth panel. I wonder if they have ceremonial dances where they grab each other’s horns in various constellations? Also seems like an easy way to mess with the grabbed himehorn’s neck, so they’re probably taught to be very, very gentle.