Penny Previews

Currently posting Penny/On the Subject of Witches previews on my Twitter account. Yes, I’m a little ashamed of this new habit.

7 Responses to “Penny Previews”

  1. Aristagon Says:

    Lol is this the breeding ground of the facebirdys?

  2. Aristagon Says:

    Well this could be inside

  3. Dzhon Says:

    Geez Dan! Use twitter properly! You should be telling us what you had for breakfast and how many times you go to the bathroom.

    N-not that we really want to know those things… ehehe…

  4. Aristagon Says:

    Less Horror and more sureal sounds good. I hope to See more soon. Any chances to See a timelapse video from one of your drawing sessions, Dan?

  5. Jet Says:

    mushrooms look dangerously like

  6. maaya Says:

    =D your fungi look nothing like the moyashimon fungi! <3

  7. ahr2nd Says:

    Decode the message hidden in the star field to access your next clue!