Site Revamp

Ooga Booga
Site Revamp is up! Try out the new comic viewer with arrow controls! Some content sections have been consolidated, too. Let me know if you find any weird errors.

62 Responses to “Site Revamp”

  1. couchfort Says:

    Some individual pages load a little bit slow, but otherwise I am really digging this a lot! Very streamline and fun to play with!

  2. Zinaida Says:

    Oh, so that’s what you’ve been doin’! Yeah, I really like this!
    Still though. Any new page would be neat, too..

  3. Jo-ou Says:

    Worth the wait. A marvelous update, as usual. 10/10, would play again.

  4. Not One Of Us Says:


  5. Reese Says:

    Personally I sort of miss the old chapter indexes, but on the whole it’s much easier to navigate the different series.

  6. TheEFAF Says:

    If I didn’t like using the arrow keys so much I would be annoyed at the fact that the navigation buttons are at the top of the comic page. When a person is done reading a comic page and wants to go to the next…well, they’re at the bottom of the website. It always makes more sense to put first-previous-next-last buttons at the bottom of comic pages for this reason.

    But hell. You gave me arrow keys. Better than most comic sites. A+.

  7. rew Says:

    i’m just here for the pretty picture update

  8. licorize Says:

    Indeed… that picture is adorable~

  9. Taichi Says:

    No problems with comic viewing so far; I don’t mind the new text size for comments but the dates are a bit small. I’ll just get used to it.

    Really nice update picture as well.

  10. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Damn, Dan. I read through all your stuff again. Crazy times, that Tomoyo.

  11. admin Says:

    Reread the archive. Nothing has changed:

  12. couchfort Says:

    So now that we’re all settled in…. MOAR PENNY!

  13. Plaid Says:

    I like the new controls. Can’t wait for more material.

  14. RGE Says:

    I seem to have forgotten almost everything in the T42R archive. The pages are as if they were new to me. Who needs updates when the past can be re-experienced?

  15. Plaid Says:

    That’s starting to happen to me with my anime collection.

  16. Jet Says:

    /me mutters something about hiding his own easter eggs.

  17. couchfort Says:

    Please suh, I’d like some mo’

  18. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Oliver Twist The Sequel: There Isn’t Any More

  19. couchfort Says:

    Surprised no-one corrected me

    “Please suh, I’d like some moe” FIX’D

  20. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Moeman! The Moe Signal has been lit for days! Where are you? The internets needs you more than ever.

  21. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Moeman is dead. ;_;7

  22. couchfort Says:

    As long as he’s still in our hearts, Moeman will never die!

  23. jesusdan Says:

    update is coming soon, right dan? i’m feeling super optimistic…i know that you’d never let your adoring fans down.


  24. Dzhon Says:

    Haven’t you noticed? Dan has been going through and replacing all the old comics with slightly higher resolution versions. Same file size but WAY better.

    Go back and experience all the wonder all over again!

  25. admin Says:

    I’ve been posting penny previews on my twitter
    I should probably post these on the main site.

    There are a few new-ish pages at the end of On the Subject of Witches. Haven’t made a post about it, though.

  26. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    :< Dan, please don't make me sign up for twitter.

  27. admin Says:

    Okay. : <

  28. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Too late. Already tweeting.

  29. Aristagon Says:

    Well how does you lifestream channel works? I would like to see you drawing. Is there a recording somewhere? It is realy a pain to look through all your twitters to try finding little things hiding there. Could you post it here if something new arises? Or do the others have no problem to also always looking into the twitter?

  30. Aristagon Says:

    Oh and before I forget it this year again:

    Your selfawareness is quiet scary at some points 😛

  31. Aristagon Says:

    ARRRGHTTTTTTTT omg, I was still awake when you streamed last night.

    Bloody hell, seems I have to sign up for your birdyaccount, *looking for stupid iphone app*

  32. Aristagon Says:

    I feel weird, spamming again 😀

    Do you realy intend to do a Vid Tut?
    *hope never dies*

  33. admin Says:

    Yeah, I still want to do a video tutorial at some point. : >
    I’ll try and hook up twitter or livestream to the main site somehow.

  34. Always bet on Dan.. Says:


    Why would you do that.jpg

  35. ahr2nd Says:


  36. zaku Says:

    Arrow keys are great but the chapter index buttons at the bottom definitely need to come back at least for Tomoyo. Arcs barely have a common topic, half of the strips are stand alone, I can’t hope to remember the number of each one if I want to read it again! D:

  37. admin Says:

    Okay, I’ll figure something out.

  38. Trust Jollin' Says:

    Ahhh, some things never change :3

  39. Replica Says:

    More Meta please dan.

  40. couchfort Says:

    Empty dialogue boxes THE NEW BLACK ON BLACK PAGE!

  41. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Glad we’re all still on board.

  42. Dzhon Says:

    Can’t you just put a twitter feed on the main page or something? I don’t want to get a twitter.

  43. Aristagon Says:

    It is quiet anoying, indeed, but he posts more or less regulary on his twitter so, let it be.

  44. Aristagon Says:

    Well he posted 6 new pages since this page update. It is quiet a lot.

  45. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Ehh. We might as well get a twitter. For one, social media is headed toward that direction anyway. We’ve also been checking back at this page for ages and ages. Like.. ten years, maybe? Getting a twitter seems like a small step to take, considering how far we’ve come already.

    Dooo itttt… getatwitter,getatwitter.. go go go.

  46. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    Stop tempting people to the dark side.

  47. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    But the dark side has more black pages…

  48. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    You lie, I see no black pages… I should have known better. KUYASHII.

  49. evilgummy Says:

    A revamp, how droll! 😀

  50. RGE Says:

    I don’t need a Twitter account to quietly read what people are tweeting. I can just visit their Twitter pages every day.

    Dan Kim:
    Off to sleep. Reading Unsounded in the morning. Leave more recommendation if you can!

    I was looking forward to Dan complaining about something, and then dragging Sette kicking and cursing into T42R where she would get to meet some real ‘child lovers’. Well, not really, though that would probably be quite amusing. But instead he went on to tweet about other comics, and none of them were 70-Seas. Maybe if I had had a Twitter account one of them could have been?

  51. couchfort Says:

    Oh how I missed the old update schedule. Welcome back, Real Dan, from whatever basement Quick Updates Robot Dan had you chained up in.

  52. X Says:

    annnnd we’re back on schedule…

  53. Reese Says:

    I figure I’ll next check back in September 2013, but that might be a bit too generous.

  54. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    See you folks at Christmas.

  55. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    Is that a new top pic in the gallery section, you sneaky sneak? :I

    Or am I just crazy.

  56. Aristagon Says:

    WTF????? Penny had 34 Pages by now. He is hiding his updates!!!!

  57. Taichi Says:

    Unsure about whether to be glad that everything is the usual. It’s nice to see Dan enjoyed the K-ON! movie, even though I have to wait another week.

  58. couchfort Says:

    Book Store link doesn’t work. 404

  59. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    It’s incorrectly linked on the blog, the correct address should be

    Also dem hidden updates.

  60. admin Says:

    Fixed. : < Hidden updates are the new black page. : <

  61. Doo Doo Doo Says:


  62. Aristagon Says:

    Well, folks try teh Manga Carat, its like Metalfist without gore and blood and death and pain and DAN….