Cupcake-tan is here again!

Cupcake Bottom
CONSUME THE COSMOS! Go, Cupcake-tan! Eat the world!!

13 Responses to “Cupcake-tan is here again!”

  1. Epi Says:

    she needs an donut as sidekick, named earl

  2. James Says:


    I’m worried about you. We all are. Are you okay?

  3. Taichi Says:

    -chan or -tan, Dan? -chan or -tan!

    I think if she wore a lace headband or had lacy ribbons, she’d be a cuter magical maid girl, but that’s just me.

  4. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    She needs a rival dark magical girl called Biscotti-chan!

  5. maaya Says:

    Daaan I believe you’ve found a combination of a Pink gradient to Blond Lolita style hair that does not yet exist in current cosplay wig fashion. You are sitting on a gold mine of opportunity. (Or torture, cruel wig assembling torture to lolita girls that only WISH they could have hair as sudden PINK TO BLOND gradient FANTASTIC FASHION as your artwork)

  6. Zinaida Says:

    Well, since it’s the second in a few days, it’s totally awesome.
    It’s also awesome on its own.

  7. Always bet on Dan.. Says:

    I’d eat her cupcake… if you know what I mean.

  8. saline Says:

    I rikey. Wish I caught the stream 🙁

  9. admin Says:

    Upgraded to -tan tier.

    I look forward to your cosplay. Ufufu~

    I’d set up a regular schedule but… that never really works. : /

  10. X Says:

    creamy butts ….

  11. couchfort Says:

    All of my hate, Dan, ALL of it!

  12. jesusdan Says:

    i’m just gonna eat the top…thanks.

  13. Zinaida Says:

    D’ah, fuck it… Just make more.
    Lots more. Now.