Hello from Cupcake-tan

Self Shot OMG!

13 Responses to “Hello from Cupcake-tan”

  1. anon156 Says:

    This is going places.

  2. Doo Doo Doo Says:

    She has a sticker picture machine in her washroom? Sugoi!

  3. jesusdan Says:

    are you sure the site can handle something like this? seems you might be pushing it a bit…

  4. Jo-ou Says:

    This is it guys.

    This is finally it.

    Dan has lost what little remained of his sanity. He has completely spiraled out of control. It hurts me to say this, but it’s time we put him to sleep.

  5. Zinaida Says:

    NO! Dan! Don’t do it! You have so.. much… To like.. Live for.
    Keep doing what you’re doing, but faster! Los, los, los! Lauft!

  6. zzzz Says:

    Dan, have I told you how much I hate you?

    Because I do.
    I hate you so much, Dan. So, so much.
    You magnificent bastard.

  7. maaya Says:

    Dan~~ you should try using purikura *3* it’s a lot .. um… moar moe? http://puricute.com/

  8. Zinaida Says:

    Oh, fuck me, that’s totally moe.

  9. Aristagon Says:

    I hope She gets totured in Metal fist. Do Dan create a New Comic about delusional girls? Its Not the first Time. 61 followers? The Author of “House of leaves” is preparing Hus next novel(s) to Be in the format of a Tv series, (or cheap pulpstories) every month After start a new Episode/Book. I guess Dan just tried to kill Hus audience in a mentaly beastiallic way.
    And yes, its disturbing. I cant put the image of a young women, drugaddicted, homeless, abused and raped, living in her own fantasy/delirious world.

    Knock knock, the rabbit knocks the door,
    Joy and stories her awaits, But Alice was no more.
    The captains sin, red eyes in the darkbess loom,
    A shiver touched the mind, fortelling pain and doom.

  10. couchfort Says:

    Oh just molest a 12 year old and get it over with already, Dan. We all know that’s what this is about.

    One day, Penny will actually happen.

  11. Replica Says:

    Just noticed the red-eye in the picture. Nice touch Dan-pyon.

  12. TheTaiyaki Says:

    Goddamnit, dan.

    When will you bring back snacks.

  13. Markavu Says:

    No dancing snoop? I’m disappointed.